8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Telemarketing

8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Telemarketing

If there is one word that can describe the times in which we live, it would be telecommunications. After all, it’s not without reason that this current part of history is often referred to as the “Information Age”. Telephones, the Internet, satellites, fiber optics, and other inventions have fundamentally changed the way we all live our lives.

As the 1980s and 1990s morphed into the 2000s and the 2010s, we became more and more accustomed to these technologies and integrated them seamlessly into the day-to-day. When these devices do not work the way they are supposed to, our way of life can be disrupted. Case in point: Florida recently began rolling out vaccine appointments for Covid-19. Due to the incredible demand, telephone lines were jammed and websites crashed.

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People wanting to receive the vaccines were left confused and frustrated before the issues could finally be resolved. With a more robust telecommunications infrastructure, all this could have been avoided and people in the most need could have made appointments in order to get their vaccines as quickly as possible.

Events like these show how foundational telecommunications are and make us here at TurnKey Office Solutions especially passionate about the field. In this post, however, we want to focus on how telecommunications relates directly to generating revenue for your business.

The Big Change: Advertising

The introduction of the Internet and mobile phones represented a huge opportunity for companies to learn more about their target demographics and advertise to them in a personalized, direct way. Search engines matched companies up with people looking for their services, while social media platforms allowed businesses to find groups more likely to be interested in – and buy – their products. Advertising and the relationship between companies and consumers have changed in a huge way thanks to the telecommunications revolution.

As the saying goes, “the more things change the more they stay the same.” What you may think of as an old-fashioned method of advertising and the focus of our next section, telemarketing, remains as relevant as ever.

Telemarketing: Still Important In 2021

The word “telemarketing” can bring on a lot of emotions – unfortunately, some people view this tried and true form of both advertising and connecting directly with customers in a negative light.

We’re here to argue that telemarketing as a whole, however, isn’t the problem. The problem is bad telemarketing. Below, we will go over 8 reasons why your business needs telemarketing as a part of your business strategy.

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Telemarketing Is Effective

The first reason why your business needs telemarketing is also the most simple: it works! That’s why it’s been around (in one form or another) for more than 100 years.

Besides its longevity, consider that – according to a study published on LinkedIn – around 60% of marketing managers in huge, Fortune 500 companies reported that telemarketing had been “very effective” for them, while 90% of the managers reported that it had been “effective” for them.

Telemarketing seems to be especially successful when it comes to B2B sales: that same study showed that 68% of completed B2B sales involved direct human interaction methods such as telemarketing.

Telemarketing can often get you right “to the top” as it were when dealing with B2B sales – by bypassing people who can’t make decisions and pitching to the person in charge who can. You save a lot of everyone’s time (yours included).

That 68% statistic makes a lot more sense in light of this fact – most managers aren’t going to buy some product they see online. They want to “level” with another human being and be able to ask questions and hear answers about the service before they decide it’s a good investment for their business. This can all be done much faster on the phone than having to navigate a site or landing page.

Telemarketing Is Flexible

Reason number 2 of why your business needs telemarketing is that telemarketing is flexible. Telemarketing can adapt to your business’s current needs or its needs in a specific geographical area.

For example: maybe you don’t want to start making sales in a particular region just yet, but instead, want to gather information about the types of customers who live there so you can make more sales later. By calling up and asking some questions in the form of a survey, you can do just that.

Maybe you simply want to inform people that your services are available by advertising those services and your location. Honest, non-invasive advertising in this form can be a decent way to generate some goodwill towards your business.

The uses of telemarketing are as numerous as you can imagine. With telemarketing, you have a direct line to customers and potential customers.

Telemarketing Helps Generate Leads

Reason number 3. Telemarketing is an excellent way to generate leads as it can help you connect with buyers and do some market research. You can “kill two birds with one stone” or, better, “meet two business needs with one phone call” in this way.

Lead generation through telemarketing could be as simple as a new customer sharing information about your business with friends or online groups who have similar needs, or as complex as learning more about the demographics you want to target and beginning a further campaign with that new data.

Overall, telemarketing remains an effective way to get new customers.

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Telemarketing Helps You Make Same-Day Sales

Reason number 4 of why your business needs telemarketing is that telemarketing spurs people to buy the product that day. Why?

Well, they’re answering the phone, being pitched to directly. You have the potential customer’s undivided attention. With convincing sales representatives, a targeted list of prospects can become near-instantaneous conversions.

Telemarketing Helps You Understand Customers

Reason number 5. Telemarketing can also be used to gather useful information about customers and certain demographics via surveys. The first rule of successful marketing, of course, is to know who you are marketing to.

As we alluded to earlier, you can then utilize this information to craft your advertising and telemarketing strategies so that they’re as effective as possible.

Telemarketing Helps Lower Your Acquisition Costs

Reason number 6. Telemarketing can cost less and ultimately drive more conversions (for all of the reasons given on this list) than online methods. These methods can also take a lot of time to be effective.

Outsourcing your company’s telemarketing campaign can reduce costs even more so that you don’t have to train employees or invest in equipment, so consider that as well. Weigh the costs and benefits to make a decision.

Benefits Of Using Telemarketing

Telemarketing Adds A Personal Touch

Reason number 7. Would you guess a person is more likely to buy something after receiving an e-mail and scrolling through a page or after interacting with a real person who can answer their questions in real-time? If you choose the second option, you’d be right!

A CGS survey conducted in 2019 showed that 86% of customers prefer interacting with a human over a chatbot, and 71% would not purchase from a brand that doesn’t have a customer service representative available.

When utilizing telemarketing, sales representatives are talking directly with customers and – if you have the right people – can get them to open up and become more interested in the product. The personal touch of telemarketing is one of its greatest benefits.

Even if you’re not selling something at that moment, friendly representatives can increase positive brand awareness and help you make sales down the road.

Telemarketing Results Can Be Measured

Reason number 8 of why your business needs telemarketing is that telemarketing results can be measured. When an advertising strategy’s effectiveness can’t be gauged, well, it may be useful, but you won’t know how or in what way to scale it.

With the help of KPIs such as the number of calls made, follow-up calls, and data collected, you can adjust your telemarketing campaign as needed. If something is not working, it can be tweaked accordingly.

Convinced Of The Benefits Of Telemarketing?

Convinced of the benefits of telemarketing? Hopefully, our post about 8 reasons your business needs telemarketing has helped provide some valuable insights. Of course, to see the benefits of telemarketing for yourself, you will most likely need some telecom equipment. TurnKey Office Solutions specializes in providing telecom equipment and services so that businesses can get the most out of this method.

Have any additional questions? TurnKey Office Solutions is here to help. We have over 16 years of experience in telemarketing, telecom, business phone systems, and call centers.

As we mentioned earlier, telemarketing isn’t the problem – bad telemarketing is! With us, you know you’re getting a team of excellent telemarketing operatives right off the bat.

Overall, telecommunications, and telemarketing, are here to stay. If you want your business to be successful, you’ll have to invest in ensuring your telecommunications infrastructure is strong and your telemarketing efforts are solid.

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